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heart face painting
Terry Miller Jarratt, artist

Howdy! It’s a been a while since I started this blog and I’ve decided to give it another try. I really have no clue what I’m doing so I’ve decided to start with just a bit about me and how I got started in this crazy business!

About 9 years ago I found myself painting faces at my church for an event using all the wrong equipment and products. I didn’t know any better and thought, like many, that as long as the product said non-toxic that it was safe. Thankfully no one had any problems with the craft paint I was using at the time. My good friend, Mary, commented that we could probably make some money painting at our local town festival. I agreed and went home and just sort of generally discussed it with my daughter, Leah. She is one of those go-getter types and soon had me researching face painting online . The next thing I knew we were booked at a small flea market/festival in Sykesville. All these years later we are still at it.

early face painting

We were so nervous! We had no idea what to expect. And although we had been painting on my younger son and daughter voraciously, we certainly did not know what we were doing yet. But we felt our offerings were pretty good for a few weeks practice and dove right in. I look back at those photos and realize just how far we have come.

After realizing that we needed to upgrade our makeup to a professional product, we started searching for anywhere we could paint. My first birthday party was almost overwhelming to me and there were only 5 kids! It took me 25 minutes or better for each kid! Now I can do the same faces in in less than 5 minutes each. The first time I read online that a full face could be done in under 5 minutes, I didn’t believe it.

Now, many birthdays and several long standing festivals and corporate clients later I am confident that we can handle pretty much anything that is thrown at us.

As we matured in our skills we branched out into bodypainitng,

floral bodypainting
floral bodypainting

glitter tattoos

owl glitter tattoo
owl glitter tattoo

and henna

pregnant belly henna
henna on pregnant belly

and now have a good following. However, we are always looking for new and exciting paces to practice our trade, so if you need a fun and special way to celebrate ANYHTHING, give me a call. Oh and let me not forget balloons! I’ve just started twisting balloons (you know, balloon animals and other creations) and am having a ball! I’d love to come to your next event and show you what I can do.

balloon monkey
Balloon monkey